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Week 6: Identify how the use of copyright laws have changed in the new media age?



Copyright is defined as the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same. What this basically means is the person who created something has complete authority over it. Therefore they can keep it for themselves, and give others the right to use it only with there consent. Copyright has changed so much due to  new media. For example, pictures. People find pictures online all of the time, most of the time hey us these pictures for their social media accounts, like posting them on Tumblr, or Twitter, Or Instagram. What most people don’t do is get permission for the usage of these things. They use them without consulting ownership with the person who created it because often it is no way to get in contact with them. Because of new media, it has made it more difficult to keep a creator’s images to themselves, with it floating around the Internet, anyone can use it and not care about copyright rules.

Below are some links to article soncerning Copyright:



The Invention of GIFs

Gifs area lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. It is also called Graphic Interchange Format. The creator of the GIF is Steve Wilhite, who makes it known its a soft G, it should not sound like “jiffy.”





Below in this Link you can find some GIFS of your own:

Week 4/5: What is Social Network/ Black Twitter?


Black Twitter is defined as a cultural identity on the Twitter social network focused on issues of interest to the black community, particularly in the United States. If you are not apart of Black Twitter, then you wont necessarily understand what goes on. It is essentially a cultural force, it is our culture and it stays that way. For example the one of the most popular epidemic that has erupted Twitter has been the hashtag #ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies. This hashtag was followed by comedic pictures that we identify with in our personal community. It is also an outlet to express things such as civil rights. For example the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #PrayforFerguson. It brings the community closer together, we get to express ones self and me also bring light and comedy to heavy situations. It is a place where black people connect and discover that even though we may be separated by a phone screen, we are still close at heart.



Posted Below are some links to websites that give you an idea of what Black Twitter actually is.


Credibility Challenge

Nia Lane, 02779481

The Credibility Challenge

General Questions:

  • I get information from the internet everyday and honestly, I believe the majority of it.
  • It’s not as reliable as books because books are more credible, you know research was done and a lot of hard work was put into the book.

Questions for Determining Authority: Student Handout #1


  1. This sites top level domain is org.
  2. This site is hosted by Drupal.

Author Questions:

  1. There are multiple authors on NewsBusters because it is a widespread blog. The president and founder of this site is L. Brent Bozell III. He received his Bachelors in history from the University of Dallas.
  2. Bozell was a columnist, author, publisher, and debater.
  3. The website is based on exposing the inconsistencies and biases of people in the media, more often than not political figures. He founded the Media Research Center, which is one of the best media watchdog companies in the country. He has also written countless books on media expertise.
  4. It is only bias because he has one motive, to expose the biases of figures in the media.
  5. The site has ten different editors, and they are ranked at different levels.

Sponsor Questions:

  1. It is funded by the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign.) Only federal employees and military personal can donate to them.
  2. They just want to expose the injustices of how popular figures are being portrayed in the media.

Exercise #1: Rank the URL




Exercise #2: Finding the Author

There is no specific editor for this website, but there are multiple editors. Most of the editors are distinguished professors from the top universities in the country. Their authorship is not restricted; essentially there is a large group who authors this site. Steven E. Jones and Neil Fraistat oversee what is placed on the site and decide what it is up to the standard to be published on the site. Every essay or article on the site tells you the author or editor, they often have an About Me section or a personal website containing a blog about themselves.

Exercise #3: The Author’s Authority

  1. There are two general editors: Neil Fraistat and Steven E. Jones. Fraistat’s highest level is a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in English. Jones is an English professor at Loyola University in Chicago, so he at least has a master’s degree.
  2. Both of the editors have written numerous publications, both of them primarily focus on Romanticism.
  3. They both know a great deal about the topics. They research it so they can write informational pieces on it. For example Fraistat is general editor and founder of “Studies in Romanticism, as well as publishing in textual studies. Jones is the author of over three books that involve humanities.
  4. The authors are just trying informing the audience about Romanticism.
  5. The site has multiple editors for different sections. For example they have one editors for auditory, but the general editors are Fraistat and Jones.

Exercise #4: Sponsorship

  • I could not locate any specific organization, but what I did find is that the University of Maryland oversees the site. Romantic Circles is published by UMD.
  • The main interest UMD has in Romantic Circles is providing information to the students that attend their university, as well as other universities.
  • They want people to know about the rich culture of the Romanticism period and be educated correctly about it.
  • No they don’t encourage authors to have a skewed presentation, they just want it to be credible and be factual.

Shoe Who: Team Bonding Excercise


My Partners Nazir Johnson’s Shoes

Nazir bought these shoes from a New Jersey Nike Outlet. These shoes exhibit his skater identity because he landed his first hard flip, a very complicated skate move.

Week 3: How a Social Media Story was faked

This week Professor Sturgis shared two articles on how a man faked a immigration story. It appeared that a young African man in about his 20’s or so was documenting his journey of escaping from North Africa to Europe. Throughout his journey, he even posts pictures of rest stops, getting his hair cut, crossing the border, and reaching his final destination. This story may appear to be a little sketchy for anyone who pays attention. How doe he have access to a phone to document everything if he lacks so much? To check to see how credible the story was, a company went on a hunt and found that it was actually false. A production company set up this whole account. They said it was for artistic purposes and to raise awareness of things like this actually going on, but some took it a different way. They felt as if they were poking fun at African citizens who this actually happens to. This has became a very controversial story, and the moral is you cannot trust everything that is on the internet!

Below are links to articles involving his story:

View story at

View story at


New Media Timeline: PREZI!!!


Here is a link to a timeline, that my partner Nazir and I created on the evolution of Apple. Enjoy! (:

Here is an article on the Evolution of Mac computers/laptops.

Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple Inc.


Week 2: What are New Media?

By Google, the definition of new media is the “means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.” To me new media is the way individuals communicate on the internet through various social network outlets. To name a few of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Convergence and new media, go head and head. It is often easy to get them confused. New media essentially happened because of convergence. Convergence merged all of the major communication outlets, so that is why New Media is growing and expanding. Media has always been social since the beginning of time, for example the telegraph. This device was used to send messages back and forth, but it was too slow. Next came the telephone, and finally the computer. The first computer was so huge, it was the size of a room. In the beginning messages sent through the Internet were slow. Only one letter could be sent at a time. The computer has progressed, and now it is one of the sole components the world uses to communicate with each other. There are many skills you need, but the most important is being computer literate. By computer literate I mean, knowing how to type and knowing how to surf the internet.

EPIC 2015 is essentially the evolution of the Internet. It ties all the topic together like new media and convergence. The movement was already predicted many years before it actually happened. The video is truly reality because the internet has evolved and now that is what we depend on to talk with each other.

From this


————————————————————> to this:

Twitter_logo_blue linkedin_logo_11

Here is a link to an article from the New York Times that discusses social Media.

Week 1: How is convergence changing communication professionally and socially?

Convergence has did a number of things, but the most important thing it has done is improve the way we interact with one another. Convergence is so essential because it has brought together all of the mass communication outlets. Mass communication outlets are things such as newspaper, social networks, television, radio anything you can think of! What media convergence primarily does is make it easier for individuals to present information in al types of ways. For example some time in everyone’s life they will be required to preset themselves or a topic. Most college students are required to present a topic. Media convergence makes it easier to have access to everything we need, like the internet, which connects us to things like research and sources of multimedia that are popular, to which everyone can relate. Choosing relatable multimedia makes it easier or the student to connect with the class, essentially positive feedback. Positive feedback arouses positive communication and that is all due to convergence.

Socially we are all linked by social networks. Entities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,and Vine to name a few. These networks are very positive for the world communications because they created new lives, new friends, new loves. For example on Facebook you can like a page and you can find other individuals like it also. That is one thing that you already have in common. If you wish you can further the conversation and you can make a new friend, a new companion. Convergence has ultimately changed the world we live in, we wouldn’t know what to do without it. It will continue to positively pave the way for all aspects of communications n the future.


Here is a link to my team member’s Beryl’s post on convergence:

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