Convergence has did a number of things, but the most important thing it has done is improve the way we interact with one another. Convergence is so essential because it has brought together all of the mass communication outlets. Mass communication outlets are things such as newspaper, social networks, television, radio anything you can think of! What media convergence primarily does is make it easier for individuals to present information in al types of ways. For example some time in everyone’s life they will be required to preset themselves or a topic. Most college students are required to present a topic. Media convergence makes it easier to have access to everything we need, like the internet, which connects us to things like research and sources of multimedia that are popular, to which everyone can relate. Choosing relatable multimedia makes it easier or the student to connect with the class, essentially positive feedback. Positive feedback arouses positive communication and that is all due to convergence.

Socially we are all linked by social networks. Entities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,and Vine to name a few. These networks are very positive for the world communications because they created new lives, new friends, new loves. For example on Facebook you can like a page and you can find other individuals like it also. That is one thing that you already have in common. If you wish you can further the conversation and you can make a new friend, a new companion. Convergence has ultimately changed the world we live in, we wouldn’t know what to do without it. It will continue to positively pave the way for all aspects of communications n the future.


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