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November 2015

Week 13: How have computer networks changed the way information and learning is distributed?


Computer networks are define as a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet. They are changing the way learning is distributed in many ways. For example, one of the most historic ways is the online classroom. Now that the class is online, the instructor can model the class however they choose. It also gives the students more freedom, they get to choose when to enter the classroom and when to leave. With giving them that freedom, the structure of the classes are based off of the students needs, not what curriculum is supposed to be taught. It helps the students because they are able to grasp the ideas better and go at their own pace. It is also less stress on the instructor, instead of being ordered to do something they have their own lead way to create their own classroom. Essentially, it is a better learning environment for inductors and student and leads to better outlets for connecting with others.




Week 11/12: Why is Creativity the New Economy?

Creativity is the way something new or valuable is whereby formed. It is so important because they are new, fresh ideas, no one has ever thought of them and they come solely from one’s mind. Creativity is the new economy in so many ways, but it is very competitive. People are constantly in competition, trying to prove better than the next. Companies want fast thinkers, who go above and beyond and outside of the box to spread new ideas. Multiple things are created like social networks. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook started with a person dreaming up and idea. Now the creators of these social networks have millions of people use their platforms everyday,  therefore that is how they make their money. The human mind is essentially a think tank, it thinks up ideas and they come to life. The creative economy moves fast, so the people who work in this industry have  be constantly on their toes, thinking of the next big thing.  

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Week 9: Political Meme


I chose Donald Trump because he is one of the most controversial candidates to ever run for presidency. He says the most offensive things and yet he is still the most popular candidate. It astonishes me how ignorant he is and he could possibly be the next leader of our country. I chose to write these words specifically because of the remarks he has made about Mexicans. He has called them rapists and says that they are coming from all over. Mexicans are a minority in America, and still people support his irrational views. He said that he even plans to be a wall between Mexico and the United States when he become president to keep them out. That was very rude and very contradictory. Especially for the simple fact that his Trump suits are made in Mexico.

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