By Google, the definition of new media is the “means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.” To me new media is the way individuals communicate on the internet through various social network outlets. To name a few of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Convergence and new media, go head and head. It is often easy to get them confused. New media essentially happened because of convergence. Convergence merged all of the major communication outlets, so that is why New Media is growing and expanding. Media has always been social since the beginning of time, for example the telegraph. This device was used to send messages back and forth, but it was too slow. Next came the telephone, and finally the computer. The first computer was so huge, it was the size of a room. In the beginning messages sent through the Internet were slow. Only one letter could be sent at a time. The computer has progressed, and now it is one of the sole components the world uses to communicate with each other. There are many skills you need, but the most important is being computer literate. By computer literate I mean, knowing how to type and knowing how to surf the internet.

EPIC 2015 is essentially the evolution of the Internet. It ties all the topic together like new media and convergence. The movement was already predicted many years before it actually happened. The video is truly reality because the internet has evolved and now that is what we depend on to talk with each other.

From this


————————————————————> to this:

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Here is a link to an article from the New York Times that discusses social Media.