Hello world! This is my first ever blog, well my first blog about myself. When writing about one’s self, it often becomes difficult to describe things about ourselves. We often think are we disclosing too much information or not enough. Lucky for you wonderful people I am an open book and I’m about to share a little bit of my with you!

First and foremost my name is Nia Lane, Nia pronounced (knee-uh), meaning purpose. I am a Freshman at Howard University aka one of the MOST prestigious organizations, aka the real HU. I am a Communications major, which means I am apart of the very fine “School of C.” My concentration is media/broadcast because one day I hope to be reporting the news or even having my own talk show. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland which isn’t very far from D.C. itself. I like to engage in all sorts of activities but my favorite thing to do is……READ! Is that a shocker? Most people are astonished when I tell them that that is my preference. I also like to do things like go to museums, and last but not least the mall. All of those things make me feel better about myself. In Baltimore, I went to a high school called Digital Harbor and my concentration there was Media. I have made a number of online portfolios before that exhibit my work, Behance and Vimeo to name a few.  I feel like my work is central to my identity because I spent four years of my life focusing on it. Through my work you will get to know me better, as it is a representation of the most important things in my life.

Honestly, I am a little complicated and rough around the edged but who doesn’t have their flaws? I like to think of myself as a people person, someone everyone wants to be around. No, not cocky but confident in myself. It is especially important to have that confidence when you are a young woman, but more importantly a young black woman.

Below is a video of me explaining a little more about myself and I will also post a link to my Behance Portfolio! Enjoy!

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