The digital divide is defined as being without access to the benefits derived from Internet usage. It was predicted that African- Americans and other minorities would be the most deprived when it came to digital technology. Even though that was predicted, it appears that the gap has actually narrowed. For example it has become more possible for others to connect due to mobile devices and things such as that. Although the minorities have access to things like smart phones and laptops, they still felt as if they are being deprived of something, and that is the correct information. For instance, they receive news coverage that lacks diversity. As many people know, news only shows what will sell, but does not show much of what actually matters or is going on in the world. The only access they have are bogus reporters, stories on social media( Which are not credible), and other unestablished sources. It is obvious that even though the gap has became narrow, there is still a digital divide in the black community.

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